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Building internal communications and public relations capabilities within your organization often leads to better outcomes, a higher return on investment and long-term skill that enhances overall team capabilities. After all who better to tell your company’s story than a team member who lives and breathes it daily?

While many organizations desire to bring this function in-house, they often worry about not having the senior level bench strength a traditional agency provides.

Distinctive Edge solves this problem. In addition to helping, you build and train your team, we bring the highest caliber of global executive-level communications and public relations support on a flexible basis combined with in-depth training and surge assistance, should the need arise.


Program Deliverables and Process

We work with your CMO and other key stakeholders to identify ideal talent or to help you write the job rec and screen final candidates. Once the right people are identified within your organization, we meet with senior executives taking a deep dive into your goals. We then build a custom strategy and execution plan, which we train your team to implement.

In preparing your plan, we derive strategies to support goals like funding events, M&A plans, HR and recruiting goals, product launches, transitions, and other key business milestones. The plan includes custom story angles, key messages, a communications threat assessment, and ideal spokespeople based on your company’s goals.

Once we have the marketing talent identified for cross-training and a plan approved we conduct an in-depth training. These week-long ½ day training sessions will include the following:

  • Storyline development
  • The art of crafting media pitches based on business goals
  • Tips for building relationships with the right reporters and the right outlets
  • Insights into how to tailor pitches to target reporters
  • When to issue a press release and how to write one to meet business goals
  • A hands-on pitching session
  • How to create executive briefing documents before an interview
  • Tips on how to build a press kit
  • Training on how to best leverage media coverage to meet business goals


Once the training is complete the Distinctive Edge staff provide a flexible bucket of hours which can be scaled up or down monthly depending on organizational need. This ensures your team always has executive level communication strategists on hand to serve as support and if needed run point in a crisis.

Add-on Services:

  • Custom media list
  • Awards program development
  • Speaking engagement program development
  • Media training
  • Executive thought leadership program development
  • Financial communications planning and support

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