Ed Wiseman

Ed Wiseman

Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer and Advisor at Moving Pictures

career accomplishments

Eight-time Emmy Award-winning director and producer.

Turned around a failing NYC Cultural Institution.

Produced national programs include Reading Rainbow, Teenage Witness, Martha Stewart Home for the Holidays, and many others.

industry expertise

Media | Entertainment and Management Consulting

Ed Wiseman is an eight-time Emmy Award winning director and producer with expertise in media, marketing, and corporate and not for profit management.

He has produced and partnered on documentaries, commercials, television series, live events, marketing and digital media projects. He is currently producing the feature documentary Airway: The Battle to Breathe. He also specializes in advising and producing corporate documentaries for large firms. National programs include Reading Rainbow, Teenage Witness, Martha Stewart Home for the Holidays and many others. Networks include CBS, PBS, SHO, HIST, DISCOVERY, CNBC, WE, TVLAND, COURT TV, and other distributors. Ed has worked with top talent including Angelina Jolie, Richard Gere, Danny Glover, Tim Robbins, Whoopi Goldberg, LeVar Burton, Naomi Judd, and many more.

As an executive board member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, Ed has worked with the community’s most successful business leaders. He has helped lead the efforts for visioning, financial growth and diversity. As Treasurer he oversaw the sale of real property to secure a $3 million investment and endowment fund.

Ed was engaged to turn around Historic Richmond Town, a cultural institution of the City of New York with four locations, 100 acres, over 40 structures and 14 landmarked buildings. He transformed the failing organization into a vibrant and popular destination. He secured over $23 million in public and private funding, increased overall attendance 230%, increased earned income by 340%, introduced tech, web tools and CRM to create a social media audience engaging over 100K.

In addition to his documentary work, Ed consults with corporations on customer engagement, messaging, employee enrichment, documentary storytelling, social media strategy, and brand imaging.

Ed graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1982. While still in school he was hired as a media production assistant. In a few short years, he was directing for national productions, one of the youngest directors in television. He launched his own production company, Moving Pictures Inc., in 1996 where he continues to produce and direct.