Jane Reiner

Jane Reiner

Management Consultant Specializing in Operations Optimization

career accomplishments

Engineered major process improvement projects for many enterprises.

Successfully delivered results across a diverse range of markets and industries.

Achieved greater than expected growth, efficiency, and financial performance in difficult turnaround, revitalization, and change-management scenarios.

industry expertise

Manufacturing | Industrials | Management Consulting | Government and Public Affairs | Other | Aviation and Transportation | Education and Education Technology | Financial Services | Media and Entertainment

Jane is a seasoned management consultant with 25+ years of experience. Her primary focus is on developing policies, systems & procedures that provide information to optimize operations and strategic direction for management. Through her efforts, management can obtain the information they need, when they need it, to make the right decision at the right time.

Her background in public accounting, coupled with her education, allows her to develop solutions with the appropriate level of controls, while mitigating associated risks. She is in expert in Policy & Procedures Development, Strategic Planning & Leadership, Professional Services, Operations Management, Process Improvement, Internal Controls and Audits & Reporting

Jane has worked in varied industries including distribution, education, manufacturing, media, medical devices and services, not-for-profits, professional services, retail, service management, sports management, transportation management, wholesale distribution, wine and spirits, and others.

She began her career at Price Waterhouse Management Consultants, first as a Senior consultant promoted to manager and then senior manager. She served on the Management Advisory Services staff with a specialty in systems planning and control; served both in the NYC office and the Office of Government Services in Washington, DC. She has since applied her expertise at Procon Management Services, Inc, where she serves as a principal.

Jane earned her BA in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island, and her MBA in Accounting at the University of Rhode Island’s College of Business.