Gregory Zaic

Gregory Zaic

Director, Advisor and Interim CFO for Medical and Biotech Companies

career accomplishments

Mr. Zaic played an integral part in leading GenVec, Inc. to its IPO in 2000 during his time as interim CEO and chairman.

As a founding investor and chairman of Sabal Medical, a South Carolina based company developing a bedside medication delivery system, he successfully negotiated its sale to a large Swiss company.

As investor and director, he introduced a dermatology company to a Japanese acquirer and played a vital role in leading the company to a highly successful exit benefiting all investors and management.

industry expertise

Medical Technology (MedTech)     |     Biotechnology     |     Pharmaceuticals     |     Healthcare     |    Health Technology (HealthTech)

Gregory Zaic is a successful venture capitalist and growth strategist with over 25 years of experience in the medical and biotechnology fields. In addition to his role as co-founder and Managing Partner of Nexus Medical Technology Capital, a venture capital firm focused on medical devices and life science investments, Mr. Zaic serves several additional organizations as director, advisor, or interim CFO, including medical technology companies SparkSigma, NewIV Medical, Smardii and 12–15 Molecular Diagnostics. Additionally, Mr. Zaic is a prolific speaker who frequently participates in investment panels at major conferences, including the 2019 New England Venture Summit.

Throughout his career, Mr. Zaic has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of tens of organizations, both domestic and abroad. He has helped many non-US companies break into the US market, as well as spearheaded the introduction of more than 100 new companies, pharma products, and drug delivery candidates to offshore clients.

To date, Mr. Zaic has managed seven venture capital funds totaling more than $160 million as a general partner and has led many portfolio companies from seed stage to Initial Public Offering (IPO). He has been an integral part of seven IPOs and five mergers, providing guidance on everything from fundraising and corporate combinations to business strategy and organizational development. Notable successful investments include Infusion Systems (disposable IV administration devices), Focus Healthcare (early HMO), PerSeptive Biosystems (bioseparations hardware and software, ultimately sold to Perkin-Elmer in 1998 for $360 million), and GenVec (NASDAQ: GENV, gene-based therapeutics for cardiology, ophthalmology, and oncology).

During his investment career, more than 90 percent of his realized portfolio company investments have achieved an IPO or a successful merger. His investment track record is an internal rate of return of 31 percent per year (1986-present).

His successful track record as an investor and advisor has positioned Mr. Zaic as a highly sought-after member for boards of directors and advisory boards across the healthcare industry. Over the course of his career, he has served on 22 boards of directors, which includes board seats at 19 private companies and three publicly traded companies. He currently holds seats on boards of directors and advisory boards for organizations including the Columbia University Department of Ophthalmology, SparkSigma, NewIV Medical, Smardii, 12–15 Molecular Diagnostics, GotChosen, Dreyev, and KIYATEC.

Previously, Mr. Zaic was a general partner of Prince Ventures, an independent, medically focused, venture capital firm managing four funds. There, he focused on health care and medical products investment opportunities. Mr. Zaic’s extensive experience in the medical area derives from his operating positions at Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Inc. where he managed the Special Products Division. He played an important role in the introduction of a major new product for Baxter: Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD.

Mr. Zaic received a B.S. degree (magna cum laude, phi beta kappa) in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and an M.S. in Management, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.