Hilda Lunderstedt

Hilda Lunderstedt

Founded & Sold NutriLida Healthcare | Global Board Advisor

career accomplishments

Founded, grew, and exited a 9-figure business

Global Investor and board member

Achieved investment and personal growth in visioneering and technology

industry expertise

Healthcare | health-tech | FinTech | Entertainment

Hilda Lunderstedt, is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Having successfully exited her natural healthcare business, Hilda now plays a key role investing in and advising growth-stage companies. An expert at quickly and efficently scaling international business, Hilda has deep experience playing a key role with executive teams, making meaningful impacts while serving as part of board leadership and within advisory roles.

Her business acumen, leadership experience and relational capital perfectly positions Hilda to play a key role with Distinctive Edge clients.

A seasoned expert in business development, Hilda’s reputation for innovative marketing and branding of products and services precedes her. In 2001, Hilda started NutriLida Healthcare, and by leveraging her talent for streamlining operational processes, grew it to a 9-figure business in less than a decade. Her consistent dedication to this venture equipped her with the knowledge and capital to pursue investments on various continents, establishing her as an international serial entrepreneur.

Hilda went on to serve on the board of Wealth Migrate, a global tech-enabled real estate investment platform geared towards retail investors. While serving on the board, Hilda played a pivotal role devising strategy which enabled the team to go from startup to a global market leader, making the KPMG list of top 100 FinTech startups with offices in the UK, UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, South Africa and the USA. While, Hilda was on the board the company executed over 1,700 transactions to a value of $69.7 million with funds coming in from 44 countries and a total Deal Value of $380 million.

Hilda is a dedicated philanthropist. She is the children’s ambassador for Tekkie Tax, an annual charity fundraising event in South Africa, raising millions for various charities in the country. Through her involvement with Virgin Unite, she assists numerous charity organizations in many different countries.

Her belief that through the structure of business, a massive positive impact and effect on not only the personal lives of individuals, but also on a major global scale, motivates Hilda in order to touch lives, create jobs, and stimulate local economies. She has a particular focus on women-owned businesses and is passionate about how crowdfunding can be used to enhance the wealth of women who invest through real estate.

Hilda has received international recognition for her talent, leadership and excellence in marketing, having been named as a Top Entrepreneur in the USA in 2013 by the JT Foxx Organization, and being selected by the Worldwide Who’s Who organization as a VIP of the Year for 2014-2015. Hilda has just received the award for 2015 Featured Global Expert of the year from South Africa for her contribution in Global Entrepreneurship and Investments