Kaitlyn Renzi

Senior Account Director

career accomplishments

Kaitlyn’s social media experience has been a large pillar of her success in the public relations industry. Utilizing social media as a not only a networking tool, but also a major communication tool has helped her clients make powerful connections within their industry and land top-tier media outlet placement.

Her accomplishments in media relations span all avenues of outlets; her clients have been featured in print, social media mentions, television, online-based, and podcasts.

industry expertise

Government Relations, Artificial Intelligence, B2B Tech, B2G Tech and Diversity Equity and Inclusion Communications

Kaitlyn Renzi is the Senior Account Director for the public relations initiatives of Distinctive Edge Partners. She has over 10 years’ experience in the media relations under a variety of umbrellas. Kaitlyn has held leadership roles within political and government teams, managed clients within several industries including larger organizations specializing in B2B and B2G tech and AI. Her strong communication skills and confident presentation ability has allowed for the successful delivery of several promotional campaigns, media engagements, influencer campaigns, government press conferences, and luxury space openings. Acute attention to detail and thorough organizational methods have enabled Kaitlyn to maintain such a versatile profile in an otherwise compartmentalized industry.

Aside from her abilities as a publicist and communications account manager, Kaitlyn has also gained a wealth of experience in graphic design as well as social media marketing, luxury grand opening events, and influencer campaigns. She has executed social media initiatives from initial thought development through design, copy, and execution. Social media marketing skills have played a crucial role in her career development as a publicist as it presents the best opportunities for newsjacking and thought leadership amplification. Kaitlyn studied Political Science and Public Relations at Rowan University and has put both majors to use in her professional career.