Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor

Former E*TRADE Global Head of Operations | Citibank VP | Morgan Stanley MD

career accomplishments

Managed E*TRADE’s global operations based in the U.S. and successfully restructured operations integrating functions between Banking and Brokerage, out sourced operations and also led two of the largest back office conversions in Harris Direct and Brown & Company.

Helped build a company called TIR into the largest international soft dollar broker with multiple exchange memberships and integrated offices around the world.

Ran all of international settlements, as well as established the international side of Morgan Stanley Services (comprised of Global Custody, International Prime Brokerage and International Clearing) when Morgan Stanley International

industry expertise

Financial Services     |     FinTech

Richard has been working in the financial services market place for 40 years, focusing primarily on operations. He began his career in settlement operations at Sheppards and Chase and Vickers da Costa Stockbrokers, and then moved to manage pan European fixed income operations as a Vice President at Citibank/Citicorp in London, where he began to manage projects and systems as well as day-to-day operations. He then joined Morgan Stanley International as Head of the London Settlements Operations, where he managed a staff of 120, and supported Morgan Stanley’s entire product range, from fixed income to equities, currency, convertible bonds, warrants, options, custody, international prime brokerage, international correspondent clearing, stock loan and the syndication of new issues. While at Morgan Stanley, Richard led the development of new international operations, an initiative that led to more efficient and cost-effective clearing, and which resulted in the streamlining of Morgan’s New York-based international operations department from 90+ people to 5. Richard joined TIR Securities in 1992 as its COO, where he was responsible for all operations in the firm’s four global offices: London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.

When TIR Securities was acquired by E*TRADE, Richard ultimately became Managing Director, Global Head of Operations at E*TRADE, where he led the Operations group in numerous complex integration projects, including the acquisition of Harris and Brown, and the complete overhaul and rationalization of E*TRADE’s global operation for both Institutional and Retail, in the US and abroad, as well as integrating many of the common bank and brokerage functions within the firm to create a highly cost effective and scalable organization. These efforts included establishing a Manila based captive operations company, creating a 22 hour operating window for the company and resulted in significant cost savings, all while the company was experiencing double digit growth in customers, trades, and assets.