Sandra Perez

Communications, Digital Marketing & Employee Engagement

career accomplishments

Sandra developed and grew a world class communications team as head of communications for a large government contractor, where she managed integrated marketing operations for logistics, technology, advanced analytics service lines earning more than $400M annually. Sandra’s community relations and corporate citizenship programs provided more than $100,000 to community partners, her DE&I strategies established affinity groups and grew learning opportunities for employees.

Sandra has helped federal contractors position and prepare for acquisitions on both sides of the M&A process. Her employee engagement and strategic communications strategies have helped retain employees, clients, and value during tough transactions.

Sandra led Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for a large Federal contractor, bringing education, community engagement, and data together to create lasting understanding and change across all dimensions of inclusivity.

industry expertise

Federal Contracting | Defense | Intelligence | Cybersecurity | Logistics| Healthcare

As a strategic partner at Distinctive Edge, Sandra brings vast experience across commercial and public sectors, helping organizations define their audiences, messages, stories and goals. She is a leader in strategic communication, digital marketing, corporate citizenship, DE&I communications, and employee engagement.

In addition to serving as a strategic partner at Distinctive Edge, Sandra is also the owner of a strategic communications firm, Marcoux Strategies. Sandra founded Marcoux Strategies after nearly two decades developing communications strategies and campaigns for Fortune 50 companies, Federal agencies, non-profits, and government contractors. Sandra works with cross- functional leadership teams to align their organization’s vision and voice to tell its full story and grow.

Prior to founding her company, Sandra created and led communications teams for Federal government and private contractors. She is a seasoned PR pro with deeps roots in civilian and defense communities, leading media relations, community engagement, corporate citizenship and philanthropy, and diversity initiatives. As the nature of work changes across the commercial an Federal landscape, Sandra is helping teams communicate more effectively with their most important audience: their people. Her employee engagement approach is guided by empathy and analytics, helping leaders align their workforce and increase retention.

Sandra has served on various executive teams in the Federal contracting community. Most recently, she led communications, marketing, corporate citizenship and editorial and research
services for two large consulting firms, and helped several small businesses grow as a leader in corporate operations. She has managed programs for the CDC, USAID, the Department of
Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense and developed crisis communications strategies for large commercial companies.

Sandra started her career in broadcast journalism after graduating from the George Washington University with a B.A. in political communications and an M.A. in Global Communications in International Affairs.