Stephen Ferrando

Stephen Ferrando

Former Managing Director of E*TRADE

career accomplishments

  • Founding TIR and growing it to a $150m exit to E*Trade
  • Managing the launch of the majority of the International E*Trade destinations along with E*Trade global
  • Founding and growing dbConcert to a firm servicing some of the countries largest financial services institutions

industry expertise

Financial Services | Financial Technology | B2B Professional Services Industry

Stephen Ferrando is an advisor at Distinctive Edge, a boutique consulting firm which pairs distinguished executives looking to make meaningful impacts with ambitious organizations, leading to extraordinary results. In his role, Stephen helps clients assess and redesign their organizations, navigate large-scale technology transformations, and optimize complex business processes. Stephen is a high energy strategic leader that drives teams to consistently deliver projects on time and under budget. He helps firms deliver initiatives by building teams that pair the right balance of executive-level industry experience, analytical capabilities and execution. 

His work includes building technology infrastructure for firms including the Royal Bank of Canada, IHS Market, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank and others.

As an operator, Stephen co-founded TIR Securities there he built the technology which enabled the firm to become the world’s largest soft dollar broker. Stephen played a key role in scaling the firm, directly lead to their acquisition by ETrade  for over 150 million dollars.

Post-acquisition Stephen served as a Managing Director of ETrade, there he was responsible for all of the firm’s international technology. Launched sites in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Israel and took over the management of the sites in Australia and Japan. In addition, he managed the development and day to day operations of the firm’s cross boarder trading platform ETrade Global that allowed investors in foreign countries to purchase shares in US companies using their local currencies.

Past and current board positions include both CfPA and CFIRA working directly with SEC and FINRA on JOBS Act implementation, enabling online investing as we know it today. As member of the executive committee of CFIRA, submitted suggestions to the SEC regarding the structure of the JOBS act, many of which made it into the final legislation.