Harlan Beverly


Harlan T. Beverly, Ph.D. is a 4-time CEO and 3-time startup founder with special focus in the consumer technology, media, gaming, and advertising space. Harlan has raised over $30Million in venture and angel funding with three successful exits. Harlan has also been a lecturer in entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at Austin and Texas State University. In addition to his 21 patents, Harlan has published numerous articles and books: https://amzn.to/377aR3b

Harlan is an experienced entrepreneurial executive with proven capabilities leading Marketing, Sales, and Engineering teams through entire product and company life-cycles.

In 2005, Harlan founded and was CEO of Bigfoot Networks, Inc., a gaming hardware company, which was acquired by Qualcomm in 2011. After Bigfoot, Harlan founded and was CEO of Karmaback, Inc., a very successful Social Networking SaaS company, which was acquired in 2013. Harlan is currently CEO of Key Ingredient, an Austin based startup focused on digital solutions for cooks (Online Recipes). Harlan is also pursuing his PhD in Business and enjoys guest lecturing at U.T. Austin and St. Edwards University about his passion for startups and the convergence of hard science with Business.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Harlan worked at Intel and was responsible for architecture and development of corporate server networking products, including the world’s first 10-Gigabit Ethernet adapter. He later joined start-up Britestream Networks and helped develop a 100% CPU off-load SSL security solution. Harlan has over 12 patents from his engineering career, has been published in dozens of books and articles.

In his 12 years leading companies and teams, Harlan has successfully launched 5 hardware and 15 software products including the Killer NIC, 2007 Network Product of the Year (CPU Magazine). Harlan has also raised over $20MM in venture financing in the challenging intersection of entertainment and technology.

Harlan received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Ohio Northern University, an M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin, and his PhD in Business from Oklahoma State University.