Kevin Koym


Asking “how do we organize entrepreneurs around the world to take on the world’s most pressing problems” Kevin Koym engaged with more than 6500 entrepreneurs from 42 countries in-country in 22 countries worldwide since 2016. Kevin focuses on how do we prepare ourselves, organize as entrepreneurial ecosystems, and work for a greater outcome for all, driven by entrepreneurial leaders. He brings a blend of his martial art (Aikido) background mixed with technology innovation and business models to help entrepreneurs prepare themselves as pioneers to impact the world.

As a technology entrepreneur early in his career Kevin was responsible for disrupting 6 different markets, but upon having a tragedy, found that traditional tech-fueled startups weren’t meaningful enough, when he decided to launch Tech Ranch, Austin, Texas’ first privately funded venture accelerator and coworking location. Tech Ranch subsequently was selected in the Top Three Social Incubators by UBI Global. Kevin has lead Tech Ranch to build several international bridges for startups around the world, including with Mexico, Italy, and Russia in 2019. Through these bridges and connections to other countries, entrepreneurs have taken on the pernicious problem through business models, including taking on the disease called Leishmaniasis by organizing global entrepreneur teams.

It is by working on personal development, thinking outside the box, and connecting global, Kevin and these entrepreneurs are showing it is possible to change the world for the better, not just for charitable reasons, but to drive impact through business.