Peter Kirby


An accomplished entrepreneur and early pioneer in the blockchain space, Peter has deep experience helping innovative technologies gain traction and achieve scale. His passion for helping growth-stage companies achieve their most ambitious goals has made Peter a go-to advisor within the technology space.

Having co-founded multiple technology and hardware companies within the blockchain industry in its early days. Peter played a key role in building credibility and early adoption within enterprise, government, healthcare, insurance, and banking.

As the CEO of Factom, a leading blockchain company that raised tens of millions in capital from prominent investors like Tim Draper. Peter launched one of the first and most successful ICOs in 2015. Peter developed strategies that led to the acquisition of customers such as; The US Department of Homeland Security, Munich RE, the largest global reinsurance company, Wells Fargo, USAA, and Stuart Title.

A thought leader within the blockchain space, Peter has testified or spoken in front of The World Bank, Money 20/20, The US State Department, and The US Department of Homeland Security among numerous other organizations.

Peter has been featured in numerous publications ranging from the cover of The Economist to the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Forbes, as well as countless other sources.

Peter’s deep entrepreneurial passion has led to him co-founding multiple successful companies throughout his career including a consumer products company based on neurochemistry, a real estate company, a mortgage brokerage, a real estate development company responsible for over $100 million in transactions, and a computer hardware company that launched one of the worlds first ASIC based bitcoin machines and sold $40 million in equipment in its first year. This unique blend of experience leads Peter to see challenges and opportunities many miss.

Peter has a BS in Biochemistry from Lehigh University, an MBA from the Acton School of Business and is a certified laughter yoga instructor.