Xiaochen Zhang


Xiaochen Zhang is a solutions-driven senior finance, investment and technology executive with an extensive track record of designing and delivering emerging technologies to frontier markets. He is adept at applying analytical tools to formulate strategic plans and driving relationships internally and externally and has worked with many portfolio companies in launching new offers, entering into new markets, and building transformative collaborative initiatives with the most reputable organizations from all over the world.

Mr. Zhang is the president of FinTech4Good, a global FinTech and blockchain network focused on developing, investing and implementing solutions for a better world, which was named “Best Fintech Investing Network” in 2019 by Wealth & Finance International as a result of the company’s success under Mr. Zhang’s leadership.

Additionally, Mr. Zhang is a co-founder and co-chair of the World Digital Economy Council; serves on the executive council for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP); is a founding partner for Wemerge Ventures; is co-founder, director and executive president for the Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute; co-chairs the Digital Finance Advisory Group; and is a fellow at the Hunt Institute.

Mr. Zhang’s demonstrated success building strategic public and private partnerships to foster technology initiatives across the globe has led him to become a highly desired advisor, mentor and speaker. He has mentored an expansive portfolio of leading innovation programs and served as a strategic advisor for more than 15 emerging technology startups. Currently, he sits on the advisory boards of the Astana International Financial Centre, Israeli Blockchain Association, 5th Element Group, Street CEOs, IIB Council and Coinstreet Partners. Additionally, Mr. Zhang has addressed more than 100 high-level international forums as a keynote speaker and produced three blockchain and fintech shows with over 500,000 followers.

Throughout the past decade, Mr. Zhang has built strong collaborations with government agencies, multinational organizations, and financial institutions through his work with the World Bank, United Nations, Inter-America Development Bank, Crowdfunding Professional Association and many other international platforms.