Introducing Distinctive Edge’s Event Management Division

Distinctive Edge is excited to announce the launch of our dedicated events division, specializing in event management for the aerospace and defense industry. 

The Distinctive Edge team brings expertise and connections to speaker recruitment and event management, helping clients meet broader organizational goals. Our event management backgrounds, paired with highly skilled aerospace and defense industry communications and marketing expertise, enable an unparalleled understanding of the bigger dynamics at play. This combination often leads to a unique experience for clients that goes beyond traditional event planning and execution services, leading to relationship development and achievement of organizational objectives.

The Distinctive Edge team brings vast experience executing a range of impactful events. We have run media and events for activations at the U.S. Capitol and the White House, served as the SXSW Accelerator’s agency of record, and run a 1,000+ person conference (which included a Shark Tank casting call). We have additionally planned and executed numerous conferences, panels, corporate events, receptions, investor and client dinners, road shows,  brand activations, and other experiential events.​


Event Management Services Overview

At Distinctive Edge, we take an integrated approach to corporate event planning and execution. We start with our client’s end goals in mind, helping to create custom experiences designed to build brands, strengthen relationships, and maximize desired outcomes. Our events management services include:  ​

Strategic event planning: We work closely with clients to develop a clear vision and objective for their event, ensuring it aligns with business goals and target audience. Our expertise in aerospace and defense event planning ensures that we are well-equipped to cater to the specific needs of your organization.

Experiential marketing and branding: We focus on creating memorable, sensory experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees and effectively communicate your brand message–helping clients’ events stand out during conferences with numerous events occurring concurrently.

Programming and content creation: Clear, compelling content delivered to the right audience at the right time is vital for a successful event, particularly within the aerospace and defense industry–where many panel topics can feel homogeneous. Starting with the client’s end goals in mind, we identify topics that are likely to attract top speakers and create value for their desired audiences.  Our expertise lies in creating content that addresses relevant topics, sparks meaningful discussions, and captivates audiences–positioning clients as thought leaders, with the ultimate goal of creating lasting positive business impact. 

Speaker recruitment and management: We excel in identifying, recruiting, and managing speakers who are industry leaders, experts, and influencers across the aerospace and defense landscape. Our extensive network and in-depth understanding of the industry enable us to curate a lineup of speakers that not only align with event objectives but also resonate with our client’s target audience. We manage all aspects of speaker engagement, from outreach, pre-event communication and logistics, to post-event communication and deliverables ensuring a seamless experience for both the speakers and your organization. 

Event management and execution: As an extension of our client’s internal team, Distinctive Edge works to ensure flawless execution of all planning and execution. Our deep event management experience combined with industry understanding helps reduce risk while providing the necessary staffing support needed before and during big events. We work to foster connections, elevate brand awareness, and drive tangible business results–enabling marketing and executive teams to reap the benefits without diverting day-to-day responsibilities.  

Event marketing: Effective event marketing is crucial for the success of your aerospace and defense event. At Distinctive Edge, we leverage our deep industry understanding and marketing expertise to develop targeted and impactful marketing campaigns that drive attendance, engagement, and ROI. Our team will help you craft strategic pre and post-event marketing plans to ensure your event reaches the right people, engages your attendees and transforms prospects into long-term clients or partners. 


Why Choose Distinctive Edge’s Event Division for Your Aerospace and Defense Events

Our dedicated event division is uniquely equipped to handle the demands of the aerospace and defense industry. We bring:

Industry expertise: Our team has extensive experience in the aerospace and defense sectors, ensuring your event is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your industry. 

Customized approach: We offer a fully customizable approach, working with clients on an à la carte basis or managing events from the initial concept development through on-site management and post-event follow-up and analysis. This end-to-end service ensures that you can maximize post-event opportunities and capitalize on the momentum generated by your event. This approach also allows you the flexibility to pick and choose where you and your organization need to most support and use our expertise when and where you would like. 

Innovative solutions: We stay ahead of industry trends and leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver memorable, immersive event experiences.

Proven results: Our data-driven approach allows us to measure the success of your event and continuously improve our services and ensure data capture of people signing up. We can work with your organization to create customized web forms for better data collection and tracking to easily tie into your current CRM system. 


Ready to Gain Your Distinctive Edge?

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