ExitReady Unlocks
Value Ahead of

US institutional investors believe that Investor Relations (IR) accounts for a total variance of 30% in a company’s valuation – from a premium of 10% for “superb” IR to a discount of 20% for “poor” IR. — Rivel Research Group, “Harnessing IR’s Power to Impact a Company’s Valuation”

We initially hired Joy’s firm to help scale EnergyFunders; they did such a great job that we brought them back to build value ahead of our exit. Their role in developing stories highlighting our investment case, placing us in key publications, and connecting us with industry leaders, made a significant impact on our brand, customer and investor acquisition, revenue, and ultimately the valuation we received at exit. I have spent nearly 20 years acquiring, scaling, and exiting numerous companies as an operator, investor, and M&A professional—this team understands how to increase value. –Casey Minshew, former CEO EnergyFunders
“Hiring Joy and her team resulted in a direct impact on our bottom line and ultimately our valuation at exit. Over the years that Joy worked with us, our user base grew from 20-120k, the platform raised an additional $200 million for clients, and we received nearly $1 million in earned media coverage—enabling us to decrease PPC while increasing traffic. Their expertise in the investment industry can be found nowhere else and has elevated our recognition not only with the media but – most importantly – with high-profile investors and business leaders.” — Judd Hollas, CEO EquityNet

A strong communication and marketing strategy can significantly increase the value of your business leading up to an exit. Buyers are looking to mitigate risk and unlock potential value as a catalyst for clear growth potential.    

Highlighting your company’s success in the marketplace, identifying, and mitigating reputation risks before buyers do, enhancing employee engagement, finding hidden opportunities to boost marketing KPIs and showcasing IP, data, and innovation, can make a significant difference in valuation.

We design and implement communication and marketing strategies that deliver significant increases in brand awareness, identify reputational risks, and enhance brand perception, helping operators and investors to realize premium value.

Few sellers would list their home without first inspecting, repairing broken items, and making updates to highlight the positive aspects –increasing appeal to buyers. However, countless sellers leave money on the table during corporate
exits due to a lack of preparation.
Our team of executive-level communications and marketing experts brings deep buy and sell- side experience. We have played critical roles in the acquisition, integration, and disposition process. Our mix of financial services expertise combined with decades of experience leading internal and external communications, marketing and investor relations teams gives us a unique perspective on identifying and unlocking non-financial areas of value and mitigating non- financial risks before exit.
While accounting and investment banking teams are hard at work increasing value from a financial perspective, we help organizations enhance their valuation by identifying areas that will appeal most to buyers and ensuring those elements of your business are visible and memorable to those who matter most.

We help companies increase valuation by:

Highlighting value in a clear and visible way
Streamlining the exit process
Identifying potential risks and suggesting mitigation measures
Creating a polished presence in the market ahead of buyer interest
ExitReady provides operators and investors with clear guidance to unlock value ahead of an exit.
Our non-disruptive, ala-carte process enables us to work with sellers on specific areas or to do a complete analysis and recommendation and can include:

Brand Analysis and

Strong brands command a higher valuation. We conduct a brand analysis, providing clear and detailed recommendations to enhance your value proposition and help you stand out from the crowd.

Digital and Traditional Marketing
Analysis and Recommendations

How much money are you leaving on the table? Our marketing audits help organizations identify areas of hidden value that can have significant impacts on revenue and valuation. We optimize current activities and uncover new strategies to increase the effectiveness of current marketing spend.

White Hat/Black
Hat Review

We take a buyer's communications and marketing approach to analyzing the client company and provide a "punch list" of things a potential buyer is likely to ask/request in due diligence from a omms/culture/marketing/ reputation standpoint to ensure that when potential buyers start screening for sellers and evaluating them, the client company has the upper hand.

Messaging and Content Strategy
Review and Analysis

It's about your valuation. Full and fair valuation requires a clear, compelling investment case articulated consistently to the right audience at the right time. Messaging to maximize your value in an acquisition or an IPO is quite different from typical selling messages for prospects, customers, or "features & business benefits "for press and analysts. We understand the issues and speak the right language to maximize perception of value with key decision makers.

Media and Analyst Strategy

Positive articles and inclusion in analyst reports pack a powerful punch when preparing your business for sale. We work with clients to develop a media strategy that goes beyond brand awareness, leveraging media to build a digital history of third-party validation targeted to enhance appeal to prospective buyers while generating traffic and connections, to enhance overall value.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy
is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

Once the analysis is complete, we deliver actionable intelligence and recommendations to help leaders identify and quickly unlock areas that will boost value and appeal to prospective buyers. Work products include:

Gap Assessment

We provide a comprehensive seller report providing analysis and actionable recommendations to increase your valuation while identifying and mitigating non-financial risks.

Strategic Roadmap

Clients are given an actionable tactical roadmap based on the recommendation provided. Organizations can choose to implement key areas or include this powerful guide as part of their presentation to prospective buyers to highlight latent potential. The roadmap provides actionable steps buyers can take upon close as they make their case for your business with their investment committees.
Once the strategy integration roadmap is complete, your team can implement it on your timeline, we can work with your team providing guidance and executive-level support, or we can fully execute deliverables with our robust capabilities and team.
Our value proposition, based on delivering outcomes rather than just outputs, means that you receive the benefit and capability of deeply experienced corporate communications leaders without adding headcount or the time to identify, recruit, onboard and retain a new team member.
We help organizations enhance their valuation by identifying areas that will appeal most to buyers and ensuring those elements of your business are visible and memorable to those who matter most.
ExitReady helps sellers maximize valuation and unlock hidden potential ahead of an exit-ensuring money is not left on the table.