Making An Impact

Our country is facing enormous challenges. Extreme weather is weakening our infrastructure. Cyber warfare has enabled enemy combatants to wreak havoc from afar. Supply chain disruption and the potential for trade wars makes the need for independence more urgent than ever.

While the future may look bleak, I am a firm believer that innovative organizations will find solutions to many of our world’s biggest challenges.

I saw this phenomenon in action daily, before I sold my communications firm, Leverage PR. We worked with innovators in hardware, IOT, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI and machine learning. We promoted global innovation, representing the Economic Ministries of Japan and Brazil and SXSW, among others.

Helping to articulate how these technologies could change industries and ultimately the lives of customers was inspiring. Working with them, to solve business problems, make game-changing connections and scale was incredibly satisfying. Most importantly, we could see our work’s impact: industries were forever changed, companies grew faster, served more customers and made more money in the process — lives got better.

While I have loved working directly in the private equity space over the last five years, the impact that I can make for a single fund or enterprise is limited. As a global citizen and a parent, I feel a deep responsibility to use my talents to make a broad impact.

To that end, I am excited to announce the launch of strategic communications, marketing, and investor relations advisory firm—Distinctive Edge Partners.

Our mission is to work with organizations dedicated to moving our world forward through innovation. We serve clients advancing technology across industrials, logistics, manufacturing, cybersecurity, energy, aerospace and defense among other areas. We believe these industries will have the biggest impact on our world in the coming decades. We help those working to build, protect and advance civilization —to articulate the value they provide, make game-changing connections, drive growth and protect their brands.

Comprised of world-class leaders in communications, investor relations, marketing and government affairs, we bring decades of industry experience.

We have scaled hyper-growth startups, pioneered digital marketing strategies for global Fortune 500 organizations, led point on managing international crises and built thriving, world-class brands.

We have overseen financial reporting for public companies, run communications for billions in M&A transactions, created and managed high-performing investor relations teams and helped companies raise billions of dollars in private capital.

Our team brings a deep understanding of the government landscape. From service on committees critical to national defense and infrastructure preservation in the U.S. House of Representatives and developing digital strategy for the U.S. Army and NASA, to serving within public affairs and working across the federal landscape, our breadth of experience is unparalleled.

We build brands and strengthen capabilities—providing mission-critical support and scalability when needed. We help clients maximize the value of their communications and digital marketing programs and navigate the complexities of the federal government landscape. We manage financial and M&A communications, international launches, rebrands, crisis mitigation, executive transitions, reorganizations, and more.

Interested in building your marketing and communications strategy? We would love to connect and share how we can help. Book a meeting with us here for a free consultation.

The Distinctive Edge team is comprised of business builders with unique communications expertise and industry specialization. We help leaders solve business problems, thrive through transition, and achieve growth and engagement goals. The tools of our trade are strategic storytelling, investor and public relations, communications, and marketing. To learn more about our services, visit or book a free 30-minute consultation here.