The Right Marketing Mix – 5 Tips to Grow Your Defense and Aerospace Business

In the dynamic world of the defense and aerospace industry, marketing isn’t just about promoting products and services; it’s about crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with a highly specialized audience. While most marketing strategies these days only focus on digital solutions, it’s important for smart marketers to incorporate a combination of both traditional and digital solutions into their communications efforts to effectively engage their audiences. Successfully navigating this sector requires a unique set of strategies tailored to the complex landscape of regulations, innovation, and precision. Having the right marketing mix can not only help you to grow your business and win new customers but can also ensure that you continue to enjoy good success long into the future.  


Below are five easy tips that can significantly enhance your marketing initiatives:   


Present a unified approach across all channels. 

Before engaging in any marketing outreach, make sure you have a clear message that conveys what your company does and its unique benefits to your customers – what sets you apart from your competitors. Develop a message, a voice, and a style that reflects not only your business but also your ideal customers, and then make sure that your core message and voice are consistent across all of your marketing projects. Clear and consistent messaging, backed by examples and proof points, can help convey the reliability and professionalism of your company, especially in a highly regulated and safety-conscious industry. Mixed messaging across your website, LinkedIn page, and sales collateral is not only confusing for potential clients but also confusing to partners, investors, and the media. It also just looks unprofessional. 


Build engagement. 

Much has been said about the importance of social media, but it’s worth repeating: Don’t underestimate the power of social media in marketing outreach. LinkedIn stands out as an exceptionally valuable tool within the Aerospace and Defense industry for connecting companies with clients and driving business growth. To be effective, make sure your LinkedIn page has a voice and brand that matches your other communication channels (remember, a unified approach!). Leverage LinkedIn’s advertising tools to create targeted campaigns, refining your audience based on specific criteria and guaranteeing your content reaches the right people within your sector. Using the digital world of LinkedIn to engage in industry dialog and showcase innovation is a powerful way to build connections that can have real-world financial impact. 


Drive traffic.

71% of all web traffic is now video. On LinkedIn, video content is five times more likely to generate engagement compared with other types of content. Be sure to produce video content that speaks to your audience and showcases your technical expertise, as just uploading videos on random topics or on topics that you are not familiar with will not do the trick. Instead, identify what’s important to your audience and then produce meaningful video content that demonstrates your expertise on the things that engage them the most. Address the questions and challenges commonly faced by your audience and provide solutions and tips that can help them. This is a highly effective way to build your brand, drive traffic, leads, and sales, and establish yourself as a trusted source of knowledge in the industry.


Capture the spotlight. 

Media attention is one of the most powerful ways to reach customers, investors, and other key stakeholders. Not only does it draw traffic, but it also increases your digital presence, builds powerful backlinks, and increases your standing as a thought leader. Put out press releases for relevant news that supports your company story and look for ways to leverage your company’s or employees’ expertise to garner media attention. Gaining media coverage in industry-specific publications and platforms can enhance your company’s reputation and attract potential clients or partnerships. Seek out reporters that follow your industry, read their articles, reach out to them on social media, and offer them valuable information such as technological breakthroughs, new data, or insights into your industry. Setting Google Alerts for your industry is a great way to start finding reporters. 


Strategically connect. 

Find out where your clients are congregating and go there, both literally and figuratively. Sponsor conferences, secure speaking opportunities, attend networking events, and join LinkedIn and professional groups that your clients participate in. Share these events on your social media platforms and contribute to the conversations. Don’t forget to tag the speakers to expand your reach! Organizing your own events can also be a powerful strategy. Doing so can strengthen your network, build your brand through marketing and press engagements, and showcase your expertise to position yourself as a thought leader in the sector. Another strategy to connect with other industry professionals and potential clients is to look for opportunities to serve in a leadership role with key organizations. By connecting with your clients where they spend their time in-person and online, you can significantly elevate your value with them. 


You can download our white paper to learn about our tips for running successful corporate events in the Aerospace and Defense industry.


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